Knowledgebase: SubmitDIRECT Submissions
How does SubmitDIRECT work?
Posted by Mark Northam on 02 August 2011 09:50 AM

SubmitDIRECT is an online submission platform we have developed to streamline the process of submitting music tracks for Film Music Network job listings in cases where the job poster wants to use electronic submissions. For each job listing, the job poster is given a choice of using SubmitDIRECT or receiving submissions directly via postal mail, etc.

Using SubmitDIRECT, tracks that are submitted for job listings are immediately posted into a private, secure online review area for the job they were submitted for. Tracks submitted for a particular job are only visible to the job poster for that job in the review area for that job.

Using the SubmitDIRECT reviewer interface, the job poster can listen to tracks, view information submitted by the job poster such as website, notes, etc and can view basic information about the job poster including name, city/state, email and phone as included on the job submission. With a single click the job poster can directly email the submitter to ask a question or negotiate a deal.