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A job posting says 50/50 license fee split - does that mean I have to pay half of some fee?
Posted on 23 August 2011 12:37 AM

No. When a production company creating a film or TV show licenses a piece of music for use in a show, such as a piece of library music or a song, there is often a "sync fee" paid by the producers to the library or publisher who owns the music being licensed. This is also called a "license fee". It's a one-time (usually) fee for use of the music in the show. Later, when the show is broadcast on TV for example, you may receive royalties from BMI or ASCAP from the broadcast of the show. These royalties are separate from the license fee, and are paid by the broadcaster (cable network, TV station, etc) whereas the license or sync fee is paid by the creator of the show (usually a production company).

So when a job posting says "50/50 licensing fee split", it means that the job poster and the composer will each receive half of any license fees paid by music users such as production companies who license the music from the job poster. 

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