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How does a composer know how to write to sync points if no video is provided for a job submission for a commercial, etc?
Posted on 18 August 2011 08:14 AM

If the job poster is looking for specific music that requires sync, we ask that they provide a link to a digital video file of the commercial so those who submit can have an idea what things will look like.

In most cases, however, these types of postings are seeking music to license that does not require exact syncing. Also, a job poster will sometimes request music of a particular type or genre to serve essentially as a demo for the composer. The job poster will then work with the composer that is hired to either create a new edit of the music submitted, or more commonly ask for new music to be composed as the job poster works with the director or producer of the commercial to decide on sync points, etc. In those cases, as is usually done on scoring projects, a video file is provided to the composer that is hired so he/she can properly write to sync points, etc.

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