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How many job opportunities do you post per month?
Posted by Mark Northam on 07 August 2011 04:30 AM

This varies depending on how busy the film & TV production industry is. When things are at their busiest (March-May, Sep-Nov) we typically post 4-10 new opportunities per week. When things are slow (summertime, holiday season), it generally runs 2-5 new opportunities per week.

Unlike some other services, we do not post ads where our members are expected to give away copyright for nothing, or compose custom music for no money. We look at each job opportunity that is either developed by our job reps talking to the industry or incoming from the industry and must feel OK about it in order to post it. Specifically, we need to be satisfied that the posting is not exploitative of our members or their music. While we don't post as many job postings as the giant services, we tend to be more picky and have less of the "cattle call" type job postings, favoring higher quality postings that represent better work for our members.