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Why don't you keep a database of all my songs and make them available to job posters automatically?
Posted by Mark Northam on 03 August 2011 08:51 PM
We do not maintain a database of music for privacy reasons, plus some people may not want their music submitted on certain types of jobs where the terms of the deal may not be acceptable to them. Also, the availability of certain tracks can change when composers and songwriters sell copyright or enter into exclusive licensing arrangements, so we didn't want to make any assumptions about the availability (or not) of tracks by maintaining any sort of system-wide database/music library.

Generally, we've found that people want to have a good deal of control over who their music is available to (even for demo purposes), so we structured our system based around the idea of independent submissions - each project is completely independent, and people can submit to as many projects as they'd like, but the submission process is completely under their control so composers and songwriters can be very choosy as to what projects they submit to, what info they provide (bio, credits, etc) on a per-project basis, etc.