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My browser quit or went blank during a music upload, what happened to my submission?
Posted by Mark Northam on 02 August 2011 10:47 AM

This usually happens in cases where an internet connection is slow and as a result of your firewall or your internet service provider, your upload session prematurely times out. Once a submission session times out, there is no way to retrieve the aborted submission and the submission should be attempted again.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to attempt the submission again, or submit fewer tracks for each submission by breaking the submission up into multiple submissions - for example, doing 2 submissions of 3 tracks each instead of one submission with 6 tracks. 

Since payment is only made after the track upload process has completed successfully, for submissions that time out you are not billed any submission fees. 

If you encounter repeated problems uploading music tracks and submitting fewer tracks per submission does not resolve your problem, please create a Support Ticket and we'll work with you to try and determine what the problem may be.

Note: We are currently experiencing upload problems with some users utilizing Internet Explorer 9. In these cases, please use Firefox or another browser for your submissions. We are working on resolving the probelm and apologize for any inconvenience.